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About Us

Meet Our Founders:
Valerie and Maggie became fast friends in the summer of 2017 in the new parent social experiment: Baby Class 101.  The two bonded over their vast similarities: busy careers, new homes, new (class-clown) husbands, their shared personality quirks and of course, all the new mom nerves.  They found themselves obsessing over finding the best of EVERYTHING for their little bundles on the way.  The duo stumbled upon the Montessori method while on the hunt for child care.  Both quickly realized they had another similarity: they were Montessorians at heart.  They began researching and attending seminars to learn all things Montessori in an effort to raise independent, confident, curious, strong kiddos.  

A message from Our Founders:
"Our late nights researching how to create the best Montessori environments for our little ones in our homes turned out to be quite exhausting.  We kept coming back to the same question, why did it seem so difficult to find resources, toys and tools to practice this philosophy that we were so passionate about?  Why should anyone have to work so hard and spend so much on this?  And we just kept saying, we shouldn't!  No one should.  So we decided to do something about it.  Here we are!"  - Maggie & Valerie