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Knobbed Cylinder Socket Set

The Montessori Home

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The Knobbed Cylinder Socket Set is a perfect introduction to the visual sense within the sensorial area of your child's classroom, and a fantastic activity to practice at home!

This set is multi-functional as there are quite a variety of different presentations for the blocks. 

Each block varies in height and diameters, leaving room for lots of exploration.

  • Block 1 varies in height and diameter, and the tallest is also the widest.
  • Block 2 varies in diameter.
  • Block 3 varies in height and diameter, and the tallest has the smallest diameter.
  • Block 4 varies in height.

As with all Montessori toys, it is made from high-quality, natural material your little is sure to love for years to come making this a solid investment!

What we learn:

  • Learn size and shape in contrast of the length and thickness.
  • Learn to associate matching shapes to improve judgement and memory
  • Cultivate children's ability to observe and hand-eye coordination.
  • Practice mosaic of different shape of building blocks, to find accurate correlation.


  • Color: Natural
  • Material: Beech
  • Size of each item: approx 15.2*4*3.8cm.
  • Suitable for 2+ ages.
  • Quantity: 4 blocks with cylinders