The Pink Tower

Starfleet Academy

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The Pink Tower is a Montessori classic! You'll find this iconic wooden tower in every Montessori classroom, and it's essential for any home. The tower provides open ended play for a child, you'll be fascinated by the various ways your child may build it tall albeit potentially wobbly!


Blocks Size:

  • 0.7CM(0.27inch)
  • 1.4CM(0.44inch)
  • 2.1CM(0.81inch)
  • 2.8CM(1.08inch)
  • 3.5CM(1.35inch)
  • 4.2CM(1.62inch)
  • 4.9CM(1.89inch)
  • 5.6CM(2.16inch)
  • 6.3CM(2.43inch)
  • 7.0CM(2.70inch)